Alternative to Gaming: Finding Something New for the Children

Gaming is becoming increasingly popular. It’s almost becoming our generation’s new favourite pastime, but truth be told, there’s much more outside the realms of gaming that other generations are at risk of missing. No matter how much you love games, if you’re a parent, you really want to be showing your children an alternative, too. Gaming consoles are great for a break or a rainy-day in. But making sure your children do other things too is a must. I’ve put together a few alternative options of things to do for your children.

Exploration and Adventure

I remember when I was young, I used to head out for mini-adventures and excitement each day of the week. I would explore the nearby forest, using my imagination to make everything more fun. If the only type of imagination that your children use comes from a console, there’s going to be a massive reduction in curiosity within the next few generations. Make your sons and daughters go outside and use their mind as their new console. You sure as hell don’t want them to miss out on that.

Pets for Pleasure

Having a pet is a good way to bring your child’s attention away from a console with something that is equally interactive and just as random: with a pet. Some pets are easier than others (take a fish, for example. All you need is a tank, sunsun filters and fish!) while others can be a little trickier to handle (we’re looking at you, ponies!). Teaching your children to art of compassion is important too, as a lot of video games are built with violence in mind. Pets like dogs or cats can divert your child’s attention away from the screen and give them an equal amount of fun.

See the Local Sights

It’s important for your children to know their surroundings and appreciate what they have on their doorstep. Most of us live within striking distance of a national park or wildlife and nature reserve, so take a stroll out and see the sights. If you’ve got a local area of historical significance, be sure to show your children. Broadening their horizon like this will have a great effect on expanding their mind, and at a young age this is hugely important. This is something all adults can affect massively.


Most people have an interest in sports, and regardless of whether you’re parenting a boy or a girl, sports are a superb way of encouraging them to become fit, stay healthy and also work together as a team. Sport it a huge part of school life, so showing them the ropes early in their life will improve their capacity to work with other kids and most of all, succeed later in life. If you have a garden, don’t underestimate the idea of a game of catch with your young one. It’s a seminal moment in a lot of children’s lives, and further encourages the bonding between parents and their kids.

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