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Protecting Your Gear from the Greatest Enemy: Moisture

Gaming can be a major investment, as someone who has collected consoles from as early as the Atari 2600, I can attest to this. The consoles aren’t cheap, the games aren’t cheap and, if you’re a PC gamer, computers certainly aren’t cheap.

Computer Games

It’s a given that water is bad for electronics. It can cause components on motherboards to oxidize, it can cause shorts which have the potential for irreparable damage, and it’s just all around not very good. And if you, like me, also enjoy collecting various paper gaming memorabilia like magazines and manuals, it should be pretty apparent that moisture is no good.

Considering this, it’s more than likely you’re doing your best to keep any sort of liquids away from your prized possessions. But what are you doing to keep moisture in the air away from your collection? Probably nothing.

Admittedly, this isn’t an issue for certain parts of the year, but right now is the time to consider perhaps looking into a dehumidifier. With spring rains coming and winter snows melting, not to mention the added humidity of the summer, there is plenty of reason to consider a device which can pull some of that harmful moisture out of the air and get it away from your devices.

Deciding on the right sort of dehumidifier doesn’t have to be difficult. You’ll need to consider a few things, namely temperature and room size. If your area is consistently below 65 degrees, you’re going to need some special equipment, for instance. With a standard dehumidifier, water has the potential to freeze upon hitting the coils in environments below 65 degrees.

Room size is also a big deal because you’re going to want to make sure the dehumidifier you purchase is going to have the capacity to handle whatever size your gameroom is. There is a tool one can purchase called a hygrometer which will help you determine what you’re looking for.

If you find your relative humidity is nearing 60 percent, it’s time to start considering a dehumidifier. After 60 percent, corrosion begins to progress quite quickly. In places like Japan, where humidity is near 70 percent, dehumidifiers are quite common in order to keep electronics lasting as long as possible. The same can be said for many coastal areas of our country, as well as places which see heavy amounts of rainfall and other types of precipitation.

There are quite a few different humidifiers on the market, some portable and others needing installation. I would highly suggest looking at reviews of some small dehumidifiers in order to see what is going to suit your specific situation. Remember, though, before you make your purchase, be sure to figure out the numbers.

Much like gaming equipment and memorabilia, a dehumidifier is an investment, though perhaps a less fun one. Still, it is very important if you want to make sure your fun lasts for many years to come, and especially if it’s something you’ll want to offload in decent condition in a few years.

Creating the Perfect Man Cave

A man-cave is one of the more secretive and exciting places you can create. It’s a little area of the house just for you. Usually dotted around are games, music, instruments and plenty of other hugely luxury items at your disposal. It’s often a place for you to relax and unwind, a place to keep the fun things in your life that the main house just doesn’t have space for. Yet what are the basics for creating a super-fun man-cave for you and your pals to enjoy? Take a look below for some awesome ideas.

Set the Tone with Mood Lighting

I’m not talking candles here, guys. I’m talking fun lighting that makes your man-cave look fun, futuristic and freaking sweet! You can get plenty of lights to fill out the small areas with too, like LED lighting. You can find the best type of led lighting here, so check out the options to illuminate your man-cave.

Seats, Glorious Seats

You need some awesome seats to really deck out your man-cave to make it as comfortable and homely as possible. A sofa here, a Laz-e-boy there. Maybe even a bean bag? There’s so much by the way of options to park your bottom and chill out with the gang.

Games Console

Video Game Console

This is one of the main parts of the whole man-cave experience. Something to let yourself loose, something to play with your friends and something majorly relax. If you can sort out your set up with some awesome games, why would you ever need to spend any time in your actual home? Your man-cave can become your home; your new place to lay your head. If you can get away with it with your family!


OK, so if you’re going to have a cool console you’re going to need a decent TV to boot. Make sure your setup is complete with a screen that is worth it. This is one of the major points of the man-cave.

Music System

Music System

The one thing that is going to finish off your man-cave with a flourish, and that’s the music system. Whether it’s CD, MP3 or vinyl, make sure you’ve got something worthy of the many hours you’ll be spending in the man-cave rocking out, in one way or another. Make sure your soundtrack is loud and proud. And, for your neighbour’s sake, maybe look at soundproofing the room.



This is the last and but certainly not the least for a man-cave to succeed. You need friends! They’ll be the ones making your time in there fun, and they’re the people who will be coming around most often, trying to shoehorn just one more gaming session into your awesome new pad.

The man-cave can be the central entertainment hub of your home, and with the right amount of dedication, you could be the talk of your neighbourhood. Take a look at these options and tell me they aren’t the most important part of the man-cave experience!

Keeping Your Gaming Tools Out of Harm’s Way

If you’re a serious gamer, you likely have invested a lot of time and money into your hobby. It’s estimated that revenues in the gaming industry are up five percent over last year at around $23.5 billion. Aside from video game consoles and the various control boxes that come with them, there are also portable devices and more to consider.

You want to make sure your gaming tools are protected. After all, you never know when a natural disaster will hit or burglar attack. We like to think it will never happen to us, but, if that’s not a gamble you’re willing to make, there are a few tips you can employ to keep your gaming equipment out of harm’s way.

Protect From Fire, Theft and More With a Safe

Gun SafeThe best way to put insurance on your valuables from risks such as fire, flooding, natural disasters and even burglary is to make the investment in a safe. These products are called “safes” for a reasons as they are specially designed to withstand even the most severe of conditions.

Best of all, when you invest in a safe designed for a specific purpose, you can include your most valuable gaming tools and enjoy versatile protection. For example, a gun safe can protect your firearms and still leave space for your vintage video game collection. To shop for products and see helpful reviews, you can find all you need and more here.

Switch Up Your Passwords

Computer GamesA growing number of gaming enthusiasts are finding a whole new world in interactive gaming. Using the power of the Internet, you can take on real people around the world as in your favorite games. Best of all, you can make new friends who share in your love for the game.

Spil Games recently issued a state of the industry report which indicates an astounding 700 million people across the globe participate in online gaming. This number comprises 44 percent of the total online population. However, a few bad apples can spoil the bunch when it comes to hacking, and you can quickly find your precious gaming equipment at risk when someone is able to infiltrate yours. That’s why it’s so important to switch up your passwords and ensure they are difficult to figure out. Just a few tips you should employ include:

  • Use numbers and special characters.
  • Consider creating a password in the form of a sentence which covers lower and upper case letters as well as special characters.
  • Ensure passwords are no less than 12 characters.
  • When prompted to change your password, avoid making it a variation of what you had before.

Keep Pets and Children in Mind

Kid With Pets

If you live in a home with pets or small children, you are susceptible to the various types of damage they can cause. Animals like dogs love to chew on cords, and toddlers are well-known to get creative with anything they can get their hands on.

Protecting your equipment can be especially tricky when you typically don’t have pets or kids in the home but have visitors who are known to bring them your way. No matter what your situation may be, there are a few safety precautions you owe it to yourself to employ including:

  • Buy a baby gate to place in the doorway of your gaming room to keep them out.
  • Keep breakables and other materials you want to keep out of harm’s way stored on a high shelf.
  • If you live in a home with kids or pets, you may wish to consider establishing a separate area of the home specifically for gaming such as a garage or basement.

Making Every Moment Count

Gaming can bring you hours of joy and entertainment, and you have likely made a significant investment in the tools necessary to play your favorite games. Whether you keep up-to-date with the latest equipment on the market or prefer to keep stocked up on vintage materials, the fact remains that there are more games, controllers and accessories than you can likely keep up with.

We work hard for our money, and it’s important we are able to truly enjoy the free time we get. For a gamer, this means taking some time out of your busy schedule to forget your cares and immerse yourself in a fictional setting far from your responsibilities. When you follow these helpful tips, you can better ensure these moments aren’t interrupted and you can make every moment count.

The Internet – More than Just a Gaming Tool

I know I have always focused on gaming and how this time and age, filled with technological advancements, has become a vast avenue for faster and greater communication between people, businesses, countries, and perhaps, universes.

But before we talk about aliens, let’s go a little simpler and talk about how the Internet not only helped make the gaming industry bloom, but has also become a great way for businesses to boom.

Indeed, technology has given us a lot of things, one of which is the ability to communicate our thoughts about a product, and share it all over the world.

Online reviews on products have become a thing, a form of advertising, warning, and publicity, online reviews have made it possible for people to learn more about a product beyond the eyes and words of the manufacturers and producers themselves. Words and testimonials shared by users are even more powerful than the words of the ones that created the product. Afterall, truth can be much more achieved if you hear it from those that have actually experienced and used the product. Their approval or disapproval greatly affects other consumers whether they would also purchase the product or not. This made the world a better place in the sense that truth can now be perceived through others in a faster way.

Hence, it is important and highly advantageous, that before you go out of your way to buy a new product, you would read on the reviews about it on the internet. It does not take too long to do so, considering that searching is easier now thanks to search engines like Google. All you need, basically, is a good service connection, which you can easily  avail if you apply at AT&T ( I am mentioning AT&T because it is the service that I have. Of course you have every right to choose another. I’m just showing sharing with what service provider I am satisfied with.

Anyways, just remember too that as you read reviews and testimonials, not only do you get the feedback from customers, but you also get to know the product for yourself, enabling you to learn more about it and judge for yourself, based on the information that you could gather. You should also do these so that you can make an independent choice, without entirely relying on the opinion of others.

Video Games: Changing Lives For The Better

Let’s take a little break from my personal stories about gaming and everything else related to it. In this blog entry, I will share a story of a gamer that made me appreciate the video gaming industry, and how it has helped a lot of people, despite the many negative things that others are seeing.

The story is about a man who found solace in video games, after experiencing a severe medical condition.

His story goes:

Video games today are even more interesting and entertaining than before. The advancement in technology and the internet age have made it possible for gamers to enjoy a huge array of video games. I am one of those people who you can say are addicted to video games. I feel like I will not be able to survive without video games. I am in my early 30s, has a stable job, but I always find time to play video games despite of my busy schedule. Why? Well, because of the following benefits.

When I play video games, I feel like my brain is working. It boosts my memory and cognitive function, especially when I play different varieties of games. Some of the video gaming categories I like the most are trivia games, puzzles, logics, and problem solving too. I love these games because it cultivates all parts of my brain. There are other challenging games and I am in constant look out for new video games.

Video games played a crucial part in my way to recovery. I suffered a mild stroke three years ago and my doctor said that I have to free myself from stress and worry. It was then that I turned to video gaming. I play video games three to four times a week and I started feeling better. I noticed that it speeds up my recovery. The joy and entertainment I get from video gaming have enabled me to see life in a positive way. I no longer stress myself on other things. Aside from the entertainment aspect, I get to say goodbye to boredom. My kids are all working. During daytime, I was the only one at home. I feel very lonely and alone, but not anymore since I devote my time to playing video games.

My social interaction skills also improved since I started playing video games. I know for my age, having a social interaction is no longer possible but through video gaming I was able to meet other people. We play video games and we even have online chat. It was a totally different world for me but I am loving it. 

Disabled Game Control

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I truly hope that others would also be inspired with this story. I hope that those seeing only the negative things out of gaming should stop and rethink their perception, especially upon reading the story of a man who was able to overcome physical and emotional turmoil, all thanks to the comfort that video gaming has brought him.

Becoming a Gamer: How it All Began

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Computer gaming has now become acknowledged in the competitive scene due to the high popularity it has gained through the years. Starting with the simple Atari sport game “PONG”, computer gaming has evolved to what people now know as MMORPGs (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games) and MOBAs (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). These game genres are really popular among gamers because of the added elements such as rich storylines and character improvements that adds spice to the already stagnant core of gaming that just waits to be played by objectives.

How I got hooked to gaming is a rather unusual experience. As I was growing up, people around me can be seen holding books more frequent than other things. I myself knew that even though this were the case in my environment, reading books is just not my calling. I’d rather sleep than spend my whole day reading books so I would just have two routes of going about my day: sleeping or running and playing outside. Never really had much friends due to my family’s “intellectual preference” so my younger years has been mostly spent on the former.

Luckily, my family has noticed this trend and decided to put down the books and take action. First up was my father who introduced me to the family computer. Side scrolling and puzzle games first got my attention. I never knew that this would actually take away all the sleep I have collected through the years. Thus, my computer gaming adventures began. Starting from Super Mario and Tetris of the family computer down to Street Fighter and Tekken of the Playstation. That was until my aunt decided to join in on the fun and introduced me to another gaming platform, the personal computer.

I remember the first game I got my hands on, a First Person Shooter (FPS) game that goes by the name “Counter Strike”. Through the years I honed my skills and grew tired of just shooting other people in the head and winning so I started looking for other games that may satisfy my hunger for action and yet enticing enough to keep me hooked.

My love for action and puzzles lead me exactly where I need to be. MMORPGs and MOBA game. Spending hundreds and hundreds of hours, up to date, to keep my character and skills just to stay ahead of others. Keeping track of stories that I may unlock, costumes that make my character shine, and items that make me one of the best and strongest in the game.

I acknowledge that this thing that caught my attention at first is now something that I got so hooked in to be called an addict but this addiction is not something I can just take into rehab. Gaming has been my life. Where everyone were facing books, I had to face reality. When people had something to turn to, I had nothing. I found my place, where I belong, where I can shine and be the best I can. No more sleeping around to kill time for I found my calling. This time I get to stand up for my own. What once started as games now became my life, my friend. No wonder it got the attention of many and made it to the competitive scene.