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Protecting Your Gear from the Greatest Enemy: Moisture

Gaming can be a major investment, as someone who has collected consoles from as early as the Atari 2600, I can attest to this. The consoles aren’t cheap, the games aren’t cheap and, if you’re a PC gamer, computers certainly aren’t cheap.

Computer Games

It’s a given that water is bad for electronics. It can cause components on motherboards to oxidize, it can cause shorts which have the potential for irreparable damage, and it’s just all around not very good. And if you, like me, also enjoy collecting various paper gaming memorabilia like magazines and manuals, it should be pretty apparent that moisture is no good.

Considering this, it’s more than likely you’re doing your best to keep any sort of liquids away from your prized possessions. But what are you doing to keep moisture in the air away from your collection? Probably nothing.

Admittedly, this isn’t an issue for certain parts of the year, but right now is the time to consider perhaps looking into a dehumidifier. With spring rains coming and winter snows melting, not to mention the added humidity of the summer, there is plenty of reason to consider a device which can pull some of that harmful moisture out of the air and get it away from your devices.

Deciding on the right sort of dehumidifier doesn’t have to be difficult. You’ll need to consider a few things, namely temperature and room size. If your area is consistently below 65 degrees, you’re going to need some special equipment, for instance. With a standard dehumidifier, water has the potential to freeze upon hitting the coils in environments below 65 degrees.

Room size is also a big deal because you’re going to want to make sure the dehumidifier you purchase is going to have the capacity to handle whatever size your gameroom is. There is a tool one can purchase called a hygrometer which will help you determine what you’re looking for.

If you find your relative humidity is nearing 60 percent, it’s time to start considering a dehumidifier. After 60 percent, corrosion begins to progress quite quickly. In places like Japan, where humidity is near 70 percent, dehumidifiers are quite common in order to keep electronics lasting as long as possible. The same can be said for many coastal areas of our country, as well as places which see heavy amounts of rainfall and other types of precipitation.

There are quite a few different humidifiers on the market, some portable and others needing installation. I would highly suggest looking at reviews of some small dehumidifiers in order to see what is going to suit your specific situation. Remember, though, before you make your purchase, be sure to figure out the numbers.

Much like gaming equipment and memorabilia, a dehumidifier is an investment, though perhaps a less fun one. Still, it is very important if you want to make sure your fun lasts for many years to come, and especially if it’s something you’ll want to offload in decent condition in a few years.

Health Gadgets That Are Worth Their Money

Health; it’s pretty big business, and it’s only getting more lucrative. The trends of today are centred around healthy living, good food and knowledge on what’s good and what’s not for people’s bodies. And businesses are taking advantage of this. Hugely.

It’s not all bad news though. There are loads of fantastic products that improve your health and are worth their weight (not pun intended) in gold. You just have to make sure you’re the one buying them, not the one buying the dud fad that everyone knows sucks. Take a look at my favorite products below.

Posture Braces

My Pro Supports

Trying to improve your posture is all well and good, but it’s actually incredibly hard to do by merely changing the way you walk and sit yourself. You can find a much easier way to improve your posture and that’s by buying a posture brace. Posture braces help pull your back and body into the correct position and hold it there, helping you improve your posture and avoid pain. It’s such a fantastic invention, and works excellently. There’s really no other way of reducing back pain.



A Nutribullet is an expensive product but it’s so, so worth it. It’s a blender with a difference and it will massively improve the way you put together smoothies, juices and foods for your latest health kick. Although they’re relatively expensive, they’re still well worth the money and are becoming one of the top selling health products. There are many imitations on the market and they’re probably pretty good too, but this is the big deal, so make sure you get yours in the kitchen before it’s too late!



Kicking off with a bang a few years ago, the Fitbit watches and smart-accessories are one of the biggest and quickest selling fitness gadgets you can buy. Coming fully loaded with loads of great technology, like the ability to read a heart-rate, you can match it with your smartphone to analyse exactly where you’re going right and wrong in your fitness plan. Such an exciting piece of kit, but it’s no longer unique. Fitness watches are becoming so popular that many copycats have clogged up the market. In my advice though, I would say go for the best in the business, and that it the Fitbit.

Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Wii Fitness

OK, so this may not be totally new to the market or entirely fitness based, either, but the Nintendo Wii revolutionized the way we played games and made us work for our gamer time. The Wii proved massively popular, and games like Wii Sport and Wii Fitness added the genuine fitness element to the console. Spawning multiple consoles under the same Wii umbrella since, it’s clear this console has changed the market. Time to dust of the controller and head for the tennis court!

The above are what I would call my favourite lifestyle fitness products. There’s so much on the market, you might as well take a look for yourself, too!

Creating the Perfect Man Cave

A man-cave is one of the more secretive and exciting places you can create. It’s a little area of the house just for you. Usually dotted around are games, music, instruments and plenty of other hugely luxury items at your disposal. It’s often a place for you to relax and unwind, a place to keep the fun things in your life that the main house just doesn’t have space for. Yet what are the basics for creating a super-fun man-cave for you and your pals to enjoy? Take a look below for some awesome ideas.

Set the Tone with Mood Lighting

I’m not talking candles here, guys. I’m talking fun lighting that makes your man-cave look fun, futuristic and freaking sweet! You can get plenty of lights to fill out the small areas with too, like LED lighting. You can find the best type of led lighting here, so check out the options to illuminate your man-cave.

Seats, Glorious Seats

You need some awesome seats to really deck out your man-cave to make it as comfortable and homely as possible. A sofa here, a Laz-e-boy there. Maybe even a bean bag? There’s so much by the way of options to park your bottom and chill out with the gang.

Games Console

Video Game Console

This is one of the main parts of the whole man-cave experience. Something to let yourself loose, something to play with your friends and something majorly relax. If you can sort out your set up with some awesome games, why would you ever need to spend any time in your actual home? Your man-cave can become your home; your new place to lay your head. If you can get away with it with your family!


OK, so if you’re going to have a cool console you’re going to need a decent TV to boot. Make sure your setup is complete with a screen that is worth it. This is one of the major points of the man-cave.

Music System

Music System

The one thing that is going to finish off your man-cave with a flourish, and that’s the music system. Whether it’s CD, MP3 or vinyl, make sure you’ve got something worthy of the many hours you’ll be spending in the man-cave rocking out, in one way or another. Make sure your soundtrack is loud and proud. And, for your neighbour’s sake, maybe look at soundproofing the room.



This is the last and but certainly not the least for a man-cave to succeed. You need friends! They’ll be the ones making your time in there fun, and they’re the people who will be coming around most often, trying to shoehorn just one more gaming session into your awesome new pad.

The man-cave can be the central entertainment hub of your home, and with the right amount of dedication, you could be the talk of your neighbourhood. Take a look at these options and tell me they aren’t the most important part of the man-cave experience!

The Internet – More than Just a Gaming Tool

I know I have always focused on gaming and how this time and age, filled with technological advancements, has become a vast avenue for faster and greater communication between people, businesses, countries, and perhaps, universes.

But before we talk about aliens, let’s go a little simpler and talk about how the Internet not only helped make the gaming industry bloom, but has also become a great way for businesses to boom.

Indeed, technology has given us a lot of things, one of which is the ability to communicate our thoughts about a product, and share it all over the world.

Online reviews on products have become a thing, a form of advertising, warning, and publicity, online reviews have made it possible for people to learn more about a product beyond the eyes and words of the manufacturers and producers themselves. Words and testimonials shared by users are even more powerful than the words of the ones that created the product. Afterall, truth can be much more achieved if you hear it from those that have actually experienced and used the product. Their approval or disapproval greatly affects other consumers whether they would also purchase the product or not. This made the world a better place in the sense that truth can now be perceived through others in a faster way.

Hence, it is important and highly advantageous, that before you go out of your way to buy a new product, you would read on the reviews about it on the internet. It does not take too long to do so, considering that searching is easier now thanks to search engines like Google. All you need, basically, is a good service connection, which you can easily  avail if you apply at AT&T ( I am mentioning AT&T because it is the service that I have. Of course you have every right to choose another. I’m just showing sharing with what service provider I am satisfied with.

Anyways, just remember too that as you read reviews and testimonials, not only do you get the feedback from customers, but you also get to know the product for yourself, enabling you to learn more about it and judge for yourself, based on the information that you could gather. You should also do these so that you can make an independent choice, without entirely relying on the opinion of others.

Gamers And iPhones: Do They Jive?

Apple Devices VS Gaming Consoles

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Can iPhones Ever Replace PCs and Consoles?

Not the slightest chance.

But this does not mean that a gamer would not love an iPhone. I actually own an iPhone 5S.

Side note: I recently learned how to unlock iPhone devices using the information on If you are interested in doing the same for your iPhone, you can go ahead and check it out. It works and is totally legit.

I have lots of games on my iPhone and all of them are great games. Sometimes, in a day, I would have more playing time on my iPhone than I would, on my PC and console.

Here are a few reasons why gamers should choose an iPhone, if they want great gaming experience on a mobile phone:


Yes, all mobile devices are portable. What sets iPhone apart is the fact that most of their devices are just the same size and fit as that of a gaming console like the portable Playstation Vita. The switch is easy to the hands, and if you also have the proper equipment, you can connect your iPhone to streaming devices. The graphics and resolution is perfect for gaming that even when reflected on a bigger screen, you can still play with clarity.

Battery Life

When it comes to longer hours of gaming time while far away from a charging device, Apple devices are the best, at least for me. With my iPhone, I do not have to constantly worry about whether a power source is nearby, and I do not have to worry about stopping mid-game because of low power. This is especially amazing, given how great the graphics are. Usually, heavy graphics require a lot of battery power, but iPhone devices are able to make a way around it.

Alongside gaming, your battery can also withstand long hours of video and music streaming.


I have been repeatedly mentioning how great the iPhone graphics are, and I am pretty sure most people would agree to it. It has high pixel density and retina HD screen resolutions. Graphics wise, there really is no problem at all. The slight problem comes in the frame rate. Since the screens are smaller compared to PC and console, games tend to have lower frame rate. But this should not be much of a problem, especially for games with developers that are catering to the issue. The developers can shrink the frame rate requirements of their mobile games to give it a perfect run on iPhone devices.

With frequent iOS updates from Apple, there is no question that it would also update its gaming features. Apple is aware that a lot of its consumers are people who find joy in playing mobile games. If they fail in that aspect, they could lose a lot of loyal customers to other mobile devices who are also trying to raise the gaming capacities of their devices.