Creating the Perfect Man Cave

A man-cave is one of the more secretive and exciting places you can create. It’s a little area of the house just for you. Usually dotted around are games, music, instruments and plenty of other hugely luxury items at your disposal. It’s often a place for you to relax and unwind, a place to keep the fun things in your life that the main house just doesn’t have space for. Yet what are the basics for creating a super-fun man-cave for you and your pals to enjoy? Take a look below for some awesome ideas.

Set the Tone with Mood Lighting

I’m not talking candles here, guys. I’m talking fun lighting that makes your man-cave look fun, futuristic and freaking sweet! You can get plenty of lights to fill out the small areas with too, like LED lighting. You can find the best type of led lighting here, so check out the options to illuminate your man-cave.

Seats, Glorious Seats

You need some awesome seats to really deck out your man-cave to make it as comfortable and homely as possible. A sofa here, a Laz-e-boy there. Maybe even a bean bag? There’s so much by the way of options to park your bottom and chill out with the gang.

Games Console

Video Game Console

This is one of the main parts of the whole man-cave experience. Something to let yourself loose, something to play with your friends and something majorly relax. If you can sort out your set up with some awesome games, why would you ever need to spend any time in your actual home? Your man-cave can become your home; your new place to lay your head. If you can get away with it with your family!


OK, so if you’re going to have a cool console you’re going to need a decent TV to boot. Make sure your setup is complete with a screen that is worth it. This is one of the major points of the man-cave.

Music System

Music System

The one thing that is going to finish off your man-cave with a flourish, and that’s the music system. Whether it’s CD, MP3 or vinyl, make sure you’ve got something worthy of the many hours you’ll be spending in the man-cave rocking out, in one way or another. Make sure your soundtrack is loud and proud. And, for your neighbour’s sake, maybe look at soundproofing the room.



This is the last and but certainly not the least for a man-cave to succeed. You need friends! They’ll be the ones making your time in there fun, and they’re the people who will be coming around most often, trying to shoehorn just one more gaming session into your awesome new pad.

The man-cave can be the central entertainment hub of your home, and with the right amount of dedication, you could be the talk of your neighbourhood. Take a look at these options and tell me they aren’t the most important part of the man-cave experience!

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