Four Things You Need to Know Before Dating a Gamer

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Gamers can really be a handful, they can be loyal and sweet ( one of the biggest stereotype a gamer has, is how busy they are playing games, they wouldn’t have time to go out to bars and cheat on anyone), but the truth is, the nature of their gaming habits can really make them a cautionary prospect for may reasons. Here are 4 things you should know before you date a gamer.

1. “I need to finish”

This term when used can mean a lot of things, even though it sounds relatively clear. When a gamer says, I just need to finish. Being finished can mean a million things. It can mean 5 mins or 2 hours. It all depends on the nature of the game they are playing. Knowing that will help decipher what they mean. They could be trying to finish a round, or could be trying to get to the next save point. So be sure to know what kind of game they are playing to better under what they mean.


2. Try not to say anything important while they are playing

If you feel like you need to talk to your partner about anything, whether it’s about shopping, dinner or even something serious, its best to not bother them while they are in the middle of an epic battle or a finial boss battle. During times like this, the concentration level needed will all be used during this time. And they will be all used up by the game your partner is currently playing, but if you do try to talk. Be warned, don’t expect them response to much or even remember the conversation you guys just had.

3. Sense of Style

This is one thing you’ll have to really embrace if you are thinking about dating a gamer, and that is their choice of clothing. Don’t expect them to be wearing the latest fashions from express for men, or the hundred dollar pair of jeans. Gamers have their own sense of style, better known as geek fashion, which typically is proudly wearing t-shirts of their favorite game.

There you have it, 4 things to look out for if you want to date a gamer. Keep in mind, once

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