Health Gadgets That Are Worth Their Money

Health; it’s pretty big business, and it’s only getting more lucrative. The trends of today are centred around healthy living, good food and knowledge on what’s good and what’s not for people’s bodies. And businesses are taking advantage of this. Hugely.

It’s not all bad news though. There are loads of fantastic products that improve your health and are worth their weight (not pun intended) in gold. You just have to make sure you’re the one buying them, not the one buying the dud fad that everyone knows sucks. Take a look at my favorite products below.

Posture Braces

My Pro Supports

Trying to improve your posture is all well and good, but it’s actually incredibly hard to do by merely changing the way you walk and sit yourself. You can find a much easier way to improve your posture and that’s by buying a posture brace. Posture braces help pull your back and body into the correct position and hold it there, helping you improve your posture and avoid pain. It’s such a fantastic invention, and works excellently. There’s really no other way of reducing back pain.



A Nutribullet is an expensive product but it’s so, so worth it. It’s a blender with a difference and it will massively improve the way you put together smoothies, juices and foods for your latest health kick. Although they’re relatively expensive, they’re still well worth the money and are becoming one of the top selling health products. There are many imitations on the market and they’re probably pretty good too, but this is the big deal, so make sure you get yours in the kitchen before it’s too late!



Kicking off with a bang a few years ago, the Fitbit watches and smart-accessories are one of the biggest and quickest selling fitness gadgets you can buy. Coming fully loaded with loads of great technology, like the ability to read a heart-rate, you can match it with your smartphone to analyse exactly where you’re going right and wrong in your fitness plan. Such an exciting piece of kit, but it’s no longer unique. Fitness watches are becoming so popular that many copycats have clogged up the market. In my advice though, I would say go for the best in the business, and that it the Fitbit.

Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Wii Fitness

OK, so this may not be totally new to the market or entirely fitness based, either, but the Nintendo Wii revolutionized the way we played games and made us work for our gamer time. The Wii proved massively popular, and games like Wii Sport and Wii Fitness added the genuine fitness element to the console. Spawning multiple consoles under the same Wii umbrella since, it’s clear this console has changed the market. Time to dust of the controller and head for the tennis court!

The above are what I would call my favourite lifestyle fitness products. There’s so much on the market, you might as well take a look for yourself, too!

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