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How to Earn Through Online Gaming

Image Credit: economist.com

Image Credit: economist.com

Who would have thought that staying in your house doing nothing but playing games while sitting in front of a camera can now actually earn you money? Yes, it is now possible. A dream job playing games all you want sitting all day that actually pays.

Game streaming has steadily grown to gather audience throughout the years of competitive gaming. With the help of video platform sites such as Youtube.com and Twitch.tv, game streaming is now considered a profession. Here’s why, imagine playing your favorite mainstream game and take a video of yourself playing it and through the course of your gaming you garner quite a few number of viewers, this leads to a chance of “monetization” of your video.

Monetization is actually a term for being partners with the video platform sites that earn money through placing ads of their bigtime corporation partners in between videos. This is where you as a partner comes in. As you make as many videos as you can, with your choice of what to put up in their site so as to live the dream of doing what you love most, the video platform sites in turn insert advertisement videos in between your videos every 30 minutes or so.

How does this pay? Simple. With every thousandth view of an ad in your videos or streams, you get two dollars as revenue. Doesn’t sound much, does it? Well, it gets better through time. As you gain the attention of many people across the web, you get more viewers by the hour and this means faster revenue. Still not vivid enough? Let’s take one of the most known streamers in the world.

Reginald, TheOddOne, earns up to 60 dollars per hour on average. Now imagine this rate on a 40 hour work pay. Eight hours a day, five times a week. He roughly makes 2,400 dollars a week playing his favorite game in front of the camera for eight hours a day. Add these numbers up and that gives off around 9,600 dollars a month and this is all the while other people get bored with their job only getting 1,480 dollars a month (average global salary).

Another way of earning while streaming is getting donations. Although this is not a surefire way of getting payed, still it adds up to the monetization process. You just have to be creative on ways to get your viewers or subscribers give out a little some some on the side. They view your videos for a reason and whatever that reason is, make it stick.

Remember that this does not happen in an instant. You have to get the attention of viewers that share the same preferences and make them stay for all the reasons you got their attention with in the first place and more. So before you go packing and start storming off of your current job, take this into consideration. Getting people to like what you produce is the hardest part and that is just the start. Maintaining people’s interest is next in line and all these take time.

So the next time you think of leaving your job to follow your dreams and passions, why not do it at the same time? I mean, who doesn’t love games especially when you can earn money from it? I don’t mean this to be in the sense of just gaming itself but let this be a kick-off point for your dreams and passions. If gaming achieved what seem to be impossible in the past, why not for others?

Becoming a Gamer: How it All Began

Image Credit: emuparadise.me

Image Credit: emuparadise.me

Computer gaming has now become acknowledged in the competitive scene due to the high popularity it has gained through the years. Starting with the simple Atari sport game “PONG”, computer gaming has evolved to what people now know as MMORPGs (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games) and MOBAs (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). These game genres are really popular among gamers because of the added elements such as rich storylines and character improvements that adds spice to the already stagnant core of gaming that just waits to be played by objectives.

How I got hooked to gaming is a rather unusual experience. As I was growing up, people around me can be seen holding books more frequent than other things. I myself knew that even though this were the case in my environment, reading books is just not my calling. I’d rather sleep than spend my whole day reading books so I would just have two routes of going about my day: sleeping or running and playing outside. Never really had much friends due to my family’s “intellectual preference” so my younger years has been mostly spent on the former.

Luckily, my family has noticed this trend and decided to put down the books and take action. First up was my father who introduced me to the family computer. Side scrolling and puzzle games first got my attention. I never knew that this would actually take away all the sleep I have collected through the years. Thus, my computer gaming adventures began. Starting from Super Mario and Tetris of the family computer down to Street Fighter and Tekken of the Playstation. That was until my aunt decided to join in on the fun and introduced me to another gaming platform, the personal computer.

I remember the first game I got my hands on, a First Person Shooter (FPS) game that goes by the name “Counter Strike”. Through the years I honed my skills and grew tired of just shooting other people in the head and winning so I started looking for other games that may satisfy my hunger for action and yet enticing enough to keep me hooked.

My love for action and puzzles lead me exactly where I need to be. MMORPGs and MOBA game. Spending hundreds and hundreds of hours, up to date, to keep my character and skills just to stay ahead of others. Keeping track of stories that I may unlock, costumes that make my character shine, and items that make me one of the best and strongest in the game.

I acknowledge that this thing that caught my attention at first is now something that I got so hooked in to be called an addict but this addiction is not something I can just take into rehab. Gaming has been my life. Where everyone were facing books, I had to face reality. When people had something to turn to, I had nothing. I found my place, where I belong, where I can shine and be the best I can. No more sleeping around to kill time for I found my calling. This time I get to stand up for my own. What once started as games now became my life, my friend. No wonder it got the attention of many and made it to the competitive scene.