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Gamers And iPhones: Do They Jive?

Apple Devices VS Gaming Consoles

Image Credit: iphonefeatures.net

Can iPhones Ever Replace PCs and Consoles?

Not the slightest chance.

But this does not mean that a gamer would not love an iPhone. I actually own an iPhone 5S.

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I have lots of games on my iPhone and all of them are great games. Sometimes, in a day, I would have more playing time on my iPhone than I would, on my PC and console.

Here are a few reasons why gamers should choose an iPhone, if they want great gaming experience on a mobile phone:


Yes, all mobile devices are portable. What sets iPhone apart is the fact that most of their devices are just the same size and fit as that of a gaming console like the portable Playstation Vita. The switch is easy to the hands, and if you also have the proper equipment, you can connect your iPhone to streaming devices. The graphics and resolution is perfect for gaming that even when reflected on a bigger screen, you can still play with clarity.

Battery Life

When it comes to longer hours of gaming time while far away from a charging device, Apple devices are the best, at least for me. With my iPhone, I do not have to constantly worry about whether a power source is nearby, and I do not have to worry about stopping mid-game because of low power. This is especially amazing, given how great the graphics are. Usually, heavy graphics require a lot of battery power, but iPhone devices are able to make a way around it.

Alongside gaming, your battery can also withstand long hours of video and music streaming.


I have been repeatedly mentioning how great the iPhone graphics are, and I am pretty sure most people would agree to it. It has high pixel density and retina HD screen resolutions. Graphics wise, there really is no problem at all. The slight problem comes in the frame rate. Since the screens are smaller compared to PC and console, games tend to have lower frame rate. But this should not be much of a problem, especially for games with developers that are catering to the issue. The developers can shrink the frame rate requirements of their mobile games to give it a perfect run on iPhone devices.

With frequent iOS updates from Apple, there is no question that it would also update its gaming features. Apple is aware that a lot of its consumers are people who find joy in playing mobile games. If they fail in that aspect, they could lose a lot of loyal customers to other mobile devices who are also trying to raise the gaming capacities of their devices.